The User Experience Engineering Boogie
HFI's Biggest Hit since the CUA

We are approaching 5,000 global CUAs, and in preparation and celebration we want to have some fun. So, if you can play any instrument, sing, or dance then HFI wants you to be in the "UX Engineering Boogie" music video with Dr. Schaffer and the global CUA 5,000.

The process is simple:

Step 1 - Let us know you want to join in by filling in the form on this page

Step 2 - After submitting the form, download the UX Boogie MP3, the Instrumentation (it’s easy – Just A-C-D ) and Lyrics

Step 3 - Record video of yourself playing, singing, dancing or just an audio file and a still picture.

Step 4 - Upload that video as an unlisted video on YouTube and send us the link. Or, you may provide a link to where we may download the source file.

Step 5 - You're done. HFI will edit together the video using the best contributions; you will get the first viewing once it is complete.

Here's Dr. Eric Schaffer, Global CEO of HFI, explaining the steps: